Catering for all occasions!  
  Family, Business, Holidays and Luncheons!
  "Your Choice"  
  Catering Package  
  2 Entrees + 2 Sides  
  For Only  
  Per Person  
  Each additional Entree $1.25 per person extra  
  Choose Any 2 Entrees  
  Roast Sirloin of Beef Mostaccioli  
  Fried Chicken Manicotti  
  Roast Turkey Breast Italian Sausage  
  Roast Pork Meatballs  
  Polish Sausage & Kraut BBQ Baby Back Ribs  
  add $1.00 per person  
  Choose Any 2 Sides  

Chef's Salad

Mixed Vegetables

  Potato Salad Stuffing  
  Three-Bean Salad Mashed Potatoes & Gravy  
  Pasta Salad Cole Slaw  
  Includes Rolls, Plates, Knives, Forks & Napkins  
  Extra Side Trays  
  Serves 10-12 Servers 18-20  
  $12.95 $20.95  



  Gourmet Meat Tray  
  Enjoy fresh Slices of Ham, serves 10-12 $34.95  
  Premium Turkey Breast, Roast Beef serves 18-20 $44.95  
  and Corned Beef    
  Gourmet Meat & Cheese Tray  
  Enjoy fresh Slices of Ham,    
  Premium Turkey Breast, Roast Beef serves 10-12 $37.95  
  and Corned Beef, plus American serves 18-20 $47.95  
  Swiss & Muenster Cheese    
  Shrimp Tray  
  Delicious, Tender Shrimp with      
  fresh Lemon Garnishes and serves 10-12 $43.95  
  tangy Cocktail Sauce serves 18-20 $59.95  
  Salad Tray  
  Choose from Cole Slaw, Potato Salad,    
  Chef's Salad, 3-Bean Salad or serves 10-12 $9.95  
  Pasta Salad serves 18-20 $15.95  
  Cheese Tray  
  Includes your favorites: American      
  Cheddar, Swiss and Muenster serves 10-12 $24.95  
  Chunked or Sliced. serves18-20 $39.95  
  Bar-B-Q Tray  
  Meaty, tender Baby Back ribs,    
  tasty Meatballs & plump serves 10-12 $39.95  
  Chicken Wings & tangy BBQ sauce serves 18-20 $49.95  
  Vegetable Tray  
  An assortment of crisp, fresh Vegetables serves 10-12 $21.95  
  already to dunk into our tasty Dip serves 18-20 $31.95  
  Sterno Cup & Rack.........$2.00  
  Rolls & Bread Available  
  (@ additional costs)  
  Delivery Charge $5.00  

*Prices does not include tax and subject to change without notice.  No personal checks.